Monday, February 8, 2010

Governments Meet Open Source

This presentation gives you an idea of what Open Source can do for governments and how governments should consider Open Source and its principles.
Over the years and more to come, governments meet much complex problems in dynamic situations with often less budget, they should consider Open Source softwares as primary examination.
Mentioned in the video, Open Source For America attempts to educate governments about the advantages of using open sources. From the mission:

The mission of OSFA is to educate decision makers in the U.S. Federal government about the advantages of using free and open source software; to encourage the Federal agencies to give equal priority to procuring free and open source software in all of their procurement decisions; and generally provide an effective voice to the U.S. Federal government on behalf of the open source software community, private industry, academia, and other non-profits.

The mission incorporates three goals:

  1. to effectuate changes in U.S. Federal government policies and practices so that all the government may more fully benefit from and utilize free and open source software;
  2. to help coordinate these communities to collaborate with the Federal government on technology requirements;
  3. to raise awareness and create understanding among federal government leaders in the executive and legislative branches about the values and implications of open source software. OSFA may also participate in standards development and other activities that may support its open source mission.
Also, OSFA explains major benefits of Open Source Software in public sectors: Choice, Reliability, Security, and Fast deployment.
Please follow the link for the details: OSFA - Benefits of Open Source Software

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