Monday, March 29, 2010

My Thoughts on Google's Move in China

Knowing China is the second largest Internet nation and exponentially growing its mobile market, it is a very risky move for Google, reacted negatively in the stock market. Not only that, the rival companies in China have gained its shares; Baidu has benefited from Google's move against the Chinese government. Well, it is easy to conclude that you have to follow its country's rule if you want to operate a business there.
I like how Google publicly negotiates with Chinese government. It brings up to a diplomatic issue with U.S and China and highlights China's "Great Wall". Google might know that this approach does not give them a short term benefit but take a long term business strategy; this publicly well known issue with Chinese "Great Wall" will motivate us - people, major tech companies like Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, and most importantly the U.S government - and act about it, hoping to end up relaxing its censorship. At least this issue spotlights the censorship issues and awares people that censorship is highly in effect in many other countries. Personally I would like to support Google's approach and appreciate that this issue is brought up to the public.

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