Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress

For those who like mobile technologies, I highly recommend you to watch this video:

> “Mobile Web adoption is 8 times faster than it was happening for the desktop 10 years ago”…
> “Half the new internet connections are from mobile”
> There are already “more google searches from mobiles than desktops in emerging markets”
> Young people “don’t call it a mobile phone they just call it a phone… …and that’s a win for all of those here”

There are things like speech recognition and search by voice, mobile visual search, and foreign language translation done via Google Goggle etc.
These are very powerful and I can't wait to see what's coming next.

Mobile technology is here.

I've started to learning Android development lately; I just finished Hello World last week.
I have a couple of ideas related to location aware apps like Foursquare.
See if I can continue working on it while working and schooling.

Currently learning list (or rather wanna-learn list):
Ruby on Rails
Rspec and Selenium

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