Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Smart Grid for Education

This video below points out very interesting points that current education is lacking.

When I attend classes, I don't feel the sense that this is "real" (of course with some exceptions).
I would like to see this is relevant in today's world, and actually real people are working on it which is often the case especially in the fields like computer science where I am currently in.

It is hard to see from the campus and textbook that this is real.
it is way more interesting if I can see how people are taking this theoretic stuff to real, seeing what people are coming up with and making cool stuff.

A couple of years ago, I nocked the door at one of the Internet companies in Japan, called Hatena.
The reason I went to the office was that I wanted to see that actually people were working on stuff. The web services are there and I know someone makes all of these, but until I see it myself, it is hard to imagine what is going on behind the web.

So is the education today.
The sense of real is very important, and that is a definite push for kids to motivate study and DIY (do it yourself).

Go out and do stuff, don't just read a textbook and feel like you done enough.
When you study Geography, go see it yourself.
When you study Chinese society, go talk to Chinese people and discuss what's going on, for example.

Smart Grid for Education
•  Generate more opportunities for learning from the community
•  Connect learners through their shared interests and activity
•  Make more sources available to more people, even beyond the local community

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