Saturday, January 8, 2011

One of my memorable experiences in 2010: 5000Cranes

Kiyukai and Mokuyokai came together and organized a joint project, 5000Cranes. Our keywords were: cerebrating Vancouver Olympics, many people could participate, related to Japan, outreach media and promote our activities. With handful of core team members, it was my best team project experience. We had no team leader; everyone somewhat knew what their roles were. If someone was not able attend events, we could always fill a space by another member. We did not really know where it was heading to at the time we started; we ordered thousands of origami papers and started contacting people and folding them ourselves. We didn’t even know where we could display the object. It was all about “let’s do it and see what happens”, and I loved it. We would never know we could partner with City of Vancouver and hold events at “Pulse to the Podium” at the time we started. It was all results of taking actions and our efforts and will to make it happen, successfully completed 5000Cranes project and displayed at National Nikkei Heritage Center. On March 11th they were moved to the Paralympic Village Vancouver! I appreciate support from Mokuyokai; without Mokuyokai’s donations, volunteers and holding origamis at various Mokuyokai events, we could not make this happen.
Do some fun stuff and cerebrate both Canadian and Japanese culture; I love what we do here and more importantly, I love Mokuyokai friends. Thank you so much for having me four years on Boards.

Naoya Makino
Past Vice President of Vancouver Mokuyokai Society

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