Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is Change?

Today, we've invited Sarah Blyth from Vancouver Park Board. She is a person who listens communities, bringing their voices to the board and takes actions until voices be heard. She has strong connections with youth and tries to make more youth-friendly parks. Your voice does matter, and it will make a difference. She proves this by taking actions herself.

I think it is extremely important to share these stories to young people that your voice does affect policy makings and changing communities. It is hard to know whether your vote is making a difference and raising voice is worth time, but she was a clear example that a public voice can change cities and it is possible to change politics (slowly).

What do you think of change?
something dramatic, forward-looking, old vs new. Seeing great changes over the years, I think of a change as something driven by people, against old and big power, seeking for hope. But change could be a bad thing; it might not be what you want. It might not be a choice.

I find this question very interesting. What do you think? What is change?

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