Saturday, April 27, 2013

RailsConf 2013 Pre day

I am so stoked to attend this year's RailsConf in Portland. This is my very first RailsConf and the second time attending this type of big developer conferences, since Google I/O last year.

Here is my tentative plan for all talks I am thinking of attending: yup, there are so many talks! Four days of all good talks, mingling and learning all kinds of stuff. Can't be more exciting than this.

Mon 4/29
11:30: How Shopify Scales Rails John Duff
12:20pm: Nobody will Train You but You Zach Briggs
2:00pm: Testing HTTP APIs in Ruby Shai Rosenfeld
2:50pm: Front-end Testing for Skeptics Luke Francl
4:00pm: Real-Time Rails Brian Cardarella
4:50pm: Building Extractable Libraries in Rails Patrick Robertson

Tue 4/30
11:30am: Rails Vs. The Client Side Noel Rappin
12:20pm: Cache = Cash! Stefan Wintermeyer
2:00pm: Introducing Brainstem, your companion for rich Rails APIs Andrew Cantino
2:50pm: Designing great APIs: Learning from Jony Ive, Orwell, and the Kano Jon Dahl
4:00pm: Data Storage: NoSQL Toasters and a Cloud of Kitchen Sinks Casey Rosenthal
4:50pm: How to Write Documentation for People That Don't Read Kevin Burke

Wed 5/01
11:30am: Using Elasticsearch with Rails Apps Brian Gugliemetti
12:20pm: Creating Mountable Engines Patrick Peak
2:00pm: Zero-downtime payment platforms Prem Sichanugrist and Ryan Twomey
2:50pm: Keeping the lights on: Application monitoring with Sensu and BatsD Aaron Pfeifer

Thurs 5/02
10:30am: Datomic, from Ruby, from Rails Yoko Harada
11:20am: TDDing iOS Apps for fun and profit with RubyMotion Brian Sam-Bodden

 Portland, I hope to have few spare time to browse around the city and get good few beers.

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