Monday, September 2, 2013

Absolute Insanity @ #BurningMan2013

When it comes to Burning Man, insanity means it really means it. I've been thinking about how I could describe the experience in Burning Man to others. I could say nothing but insane. It is as if you flip a coin, everything is flipped to opposite; normal becomes abnormal, real becomes unreal, and sane becomes insane. There is no single sober person in that city, everything you see is insane; art, architecture, food, drink, buses, everything.

It was my first trip to Burning Man, a week-long celebration of art, music and general mayhem. Burning Man participants share ten principles. I was amazed how well it was executed, applied to every corner in Black Rock City. We instantly faced welcomes from everyone in the city a second after we stepped in, and it took me while to adapt norm of radical self-expression.

In Black Rock City, we gift everything. Wake up in the morning, drop by a next door and grab a coffee, wander around the city with a mug, poured beer at a themed bar, exchange a costume. Everything happens without exchange of currency.

As an attempt of gifting, I volunteered as a temple guardian. It was freezing cold after midnight but worth an experience with other volunteers and shared one of the most memorable moments, seeing sunrise.

Wandering in a city myself one night, I felt I am still not a part of this big project yet. I am taking too much and not enough of gifting. This is something that I need to work on for a next visit, if that day ever comes again.

One of takeaways.
If you think you are crazy, you are probably not crazy enough.

here are few photos I took at Burning Man.


  1. that feeling of taking enough and not giving back enough is something I want to work for next year as well. Nowhere else have i ever felt that. Also, judging people. I never did that once in BRC...that was such a great feeling that I'm trying to adapt to my default world...great pics BTW

    1. thanks Duncan! I still feel that the time I was in Burning Man was out of ordinary. hard to imagine I was there this summer..

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