Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attended DataCampSEA

Woke up at 4am, took a bus, cross a boarder, and lost the way in Seattle Downtown without Google Map access; everything was to attend this awesome hackathon day, DataCampSEA

We gathered from 10 in the morning and had a general introduction, soon after that we started brainstorming ideas, projects and actions. 

Then we formed groups and come up with actionable items. 
After lunch, we code/design/blog and whatever we need to make things happen. And we did it. 
I was fortunate enough to work on Hear Near: here is a report from Alex Howard:

A day after the datacamp, a new app is available to Seattle residents. Hear Near pushes alerts about Seattle events nearby to mobile phone users using text messages. Hear Near is available from iTunes and Android. Hear Near was created by a team that included Amber Case (whose geolocation startup, Geoloqi, powers it), Aaron Parecki, Joe McCarthy, Jesse Kocher, Gene Homicki, Naoya Makino, Steve Ripley, Rebecca Gutterman and Jenny Frank.

Civic developers gather to code for America at data camps | Gov 2.0: The Power of Platforms

Full of actions, full of communications and discussions. 
People there were all awesome! They all love Seattle; and guess what, I love Seattle too! such a great city with awesome people and working on cool stuff!
Code For America is truly committed, has extreme bias towards actions, and super talented people.
Great work everyone!   

Photo credits to Chris Metcalf.
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  1. You sure did come a long way, but I'm glad you were there. You made fast progress on the Python iCal -> GeoLoqi parser for HearNow, and I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with you.