Sunday, May 29, 2011

Right Here, Right Now

The present time matters most to me for several reasons. The first of all, This is the only time I am fully in control; what I decide at the present time can have literal impacts. Also I can only do so much right now, everyone having about an equal chance. The time is an equal for all people and how to use it is up to us. No matter who you are, no matter what you have gone through before, we all have about an equal control and a chance at this present time. Doing the best you can do at the given present time will make up the future and I believe that is the best investment you can do for your future. A couple of years ago, before getting into SFU, I tended to plan future a lot and tried to make precise career steps for many years ahead; it did not work for me. There were so many uncertainties and often those things were not in my control: financial situations, economy, and permit issues. All of those plans I made before did not work and the time spent to make the plans were wasted. This experience changed me to focus most of my resource into the present time and set a boundary between what I am in control and not. I still do care things that are out of my control but with the understanding of the fact that those are not in my control, so I would not spend too much time thinking about those; instead I try to focus my attention to more of controllable elements. Another reason why I focus mostly on the present time is I believe this age we are uniquely poisoned, and in fact we are very fortunate to have all what we have today. The world is changing so rapidly and this is once in life-time opportunity for many of us to make a great impact to the world. We individuals have so much power like never before. Having access to nearly unlimited information, the amount of resources available for those who have a strong passion to study whatever subjects is unbelievable. I very much appreciate where I am currently poisoned and feel an obligation to use this chance to make a positive impact to the world. I am very excited right now and yet I am bit too considerable to make a next step. I try not to think like I need to make a “right” decision but I need to be ready for failures. Don’t even try to make a right decision at first, but it is important that I learn from experience and make a next step from there. “Keep tying, don’t settle”.

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