Sunday, June 12, 2011

We are like a bee

We are like a bee. We don’t realize the significance of what we do in daily lives. I don’t see the real impact on this ecosystem of my daily activities. Yet it is clear that we human beings are making a significant impact on this ecosystem, just like bees. Driving cars, charging cell phones, buying foods, going to a party, we all are contributing significantly and relying on the ecosystem. Looking at me from outside, I am in the part of this ecosystem, but I myself don’t realize as much. Bees flying around, kissing flowers and taking their lives somewhere. Air, birds, ants, leaves, salmons, and trees, we are all living on this planet and all are contributing one way or another on this very complicated ecosystem. Yes one doesn’t see the significance of its existence. Do I need to know the whole impact? Do I care? Am I willing to give up anything? Yes I care, because I realized it. I realized how significant impacts I am making by living, breathing at this very moment. I realized what we have now is not necessarily an answer, but can be improved. I realized how much I should work on to make any changes. I realized how important to act now and start small. I realized many people in our generations are working hard right now to make positive changes in their own ways. I realized we are leaders of today, not tomorrow.

What do I do? Start small and iterate. I have started seeding many plants. I started to work on developing an application using Vancouver’s health inspection data. Talk is cheap; one way we developers can demonstrate our existence is making stuff. This world is great; there are so many great tools available everywhere, and free. What I need to do is keep making, iterating through and showing what I get. It is important to keep up the latest technologies and building my skills on top of what I learned from school. If I don’t use it, my four years of knowledge would be obscured. I started contacting organizations I am interested in, such as Creative Commons Canada, and to see ways I can get involved. I am undecided of my near future plans, but the world will not stop and wait for me. Just do it. We never know where the future takes us. Only way we can prepare is do the best we can do today.

I have many interests and problems that I want to work on. Wondering how I can get started? Start small and start with the easiest one. Get your hands dirty. Once a ball starts rolling, it will take you somewhere and you will probably find things that you would never expect.

Don’t focus on what you presume what’s happening, instead embrace what fully is.

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