Saturday, October 27, 2012

Initial UX with

Just wanted to drop a note that I really liked the initial UX of I just signed up mint last night and their seamless introduction to their features to new users is really well designed. Very first time you login, it shows you a little pop up message next to each key feature, giving me a description of the feature and embedded tutorial videos. In the bubble message box, there is a link to start an activity after you read the description; you do that and come back to home page, then you see that next pop-up message highlighting another feature that I have not explored.
There is also completeness status bar in Account page showing how much you have done initial settings and what else I have to do to maximize its service experience.

I have installed their app on Andoroid and iPad. Again, it gave me a quick run down of what the app can do by showing a little bubble message at each feature and disappear after you go through them. It takes less than a few minutes, but it is just what-you-need to get started on the mobile app.

I think initial UX is key to retain new users; the initial impression of the service will set an unchangeable bar on users about what users "think" the service could provide, and they would use that impression to decide whether this service could be used to solve whatever issues they wanted to solve via signing up for a particular service. In a case of, it gave me a hopeful impression that this service could provide useful tools to better manege my financial behaviours; their efforts to teach me their service is telling me that they actually "care" about how users use their service and suggest us the best practice to maximize the likelihood of reaching whatever goals users set with's service.

just a quick note of what my findings with Mint. I would suggest you to give a shot if you haven't already.

Made another ToDo items in our app to improve our initial UX :)

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