Sunday, December 2, 2012

OpenVancouver at #RHoKyvr

I was at Ramdom Hack of Kindness organized via PeaceGeeks at GrowLabs this weekend and we made an online platform called OpenVancouver.

The online platform, "Open Vancouver," empowers Vancouverites to shape the future of their own neighbourhoods by allowing them to collectively add suggestions, pictures and comments to an online interactive map. 
Say you are walking down a street and you find a park bench with a broken roof, or if you want to see your neighbourhoods with full of cherry blossoms, for example, you can express those wishes on this platform and Vancouverties can support your ideas, comment on it and have dialogues.

Our current situations of the city are not even close to a full potential of what our city could be and everyone has something to contribute to make our city be a better place, making Vancouver an awesome city to live; not just "livable".

There are similar projects going on in US, like Change By Us; we are particularly inspired by Candy Chang's amazing works in city.

I believe that having an open platform for citizens to interact with their neighbourhoods and cities will bring up awareness of our surroundings and help city planning to align with what citizens actually hope to see.

You can find our problem statement here:
and we are open source project:

I had super fun time with our team and looking forward to working on this; we are hoping to launch this app by next spring 2013.

oh and we won the first prize at #RHoKyvr!
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